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Initial Consultation:
Most people have a list of things they wish were different about their life. Whether you would like to change jobs, find love, lose weight, develop new skills, take more time for you- All your dreams will be discussed in this first encounter and a plan of action will be designed.

$ 200 for 90 minutes
Gr8t Life Design Services
At Gr8t Life Design, each client has his or her own very unique dreams and challenges.  Elisa takes care to connect with each person as an individual and design a plan of action based on a mutual understanding of a desired outcome.  
On Going Appointment Packages:
Experience has shown that on-going appointments are imperative for real change to take hold in a persons life.  Old habits and outdated beliefs require time to be released and new habits and beliefs put in their place.  Your progress, obstacles, fears and successes will be discussed in these ongoing appointments.

$ 350 for a two 75 minute sessions/month OR 
$ 500 for four 60 minute sessions/month